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List of Urgently Needed Materials for Earthquake Rescue and Relief (updated 2008/05/27)

2008-05-19 00:00

1. Medicine

(1)Albumin (10g)

(2)Tramadol Hydrochloride Injection (2ml)

2.Medical Devices

(1)Ventilator (brands: Tyco, Drager, Newport, Siemens)

(2).Rechargeable Bedside X-ray Machine (brands: Shimadzu, Siemens, GE)

(3).ECG, Multi-functional Monitor (brands: Philips, GE, Siemens, Drager)

II. Search and Rescue Equipment

1. Life Detection and Position Instrument

(1) Hertzian Waves Life Detector / Electromagnetic Life Detector

(2) Deslar Compact Life Detector System, Acoustic & Vibration / Life Detector with Acoustic & Vibrating Sensor

(3) Optical Life Detector / Life Detector with Optical Sensor

(4) Gas Detector

2. Rescue Tools

(1) Pneumatic Jack and Accessories

(2) Hydraulic Jack and Accessories

(3) Telescopic RAM Jack

(4) Petrol Breaker

(5) Petrol Circular Saw / Motor Toothless Saw/ Diamond Circular Saw

(6) Diamond Saw and Saw Blade

(7) Heavy Hydraulic Cutter / Heavy Expanding Cutter

(8) Wedge Jack

(9) High Pressure Lifting Bag and Accessories ( 11t, 24t, 30t)

(10) Hydraulic Broken-hoe / Hydraulic Crushing Pickaxe

(11) Heavy Pounding Drill / Smashing Stamper

3. Supporting Equipment

(1)Large Water Cleaner for Processing Drink Water for Field Rescue Staff/Field Large-scale Water Purification Equipment

4. Communications Equipment



(3) Aces telephone

(4) Water-proof Interphone/Hand&Head Intercom (waterproof)

III Disaster Relief Items


sleeping bag



electric cutter

hydraulic machine


small-scale power generation equipment

small-scale water purification equipment

construction materials for makeshift house

compressed food


Email: chinaconsul_syd_au@mfa.gov.cn

Enquiry Num: 02-8595 8012

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