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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Briefing on Foreign Ministry's Assistance in Evacuating the Chinese Citizens Out of Chad

2008-02-04 00:00

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao briefed the press on February 2:

Since January 28, the Chad rebels have been moving from the east towards Ndjamena, Capital of Chad, and exchanged fire with the official troops near the capital. The situation there is likely to further deteriorate. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has immediately launched emergency mechanism and directed the Embassy in Chad to evacuate the Chinese institutions and citizens in Ndjamena. The Embassy in Chad has assisted 212 Chinese personnel, including two Taiwan compatriots to evacuate safely through the boarder of Chad to Cameron. The Embassy in Cameron has notified Cameron to receive them and help them to settle down temporarily.

There are still about 80 Chinese in Ndjamena at present. The embassy in Chad will stay in close communication with them and assist them in evacuating at any moment as soon as possible.

The Department of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry has issued travel warnings, asking domestic groups and individuals to defer all travel to Chad recently.

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