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Chinese FM Spokesperson Urges U.S. to Support International Anti-pandemic, Origins Tracing Cooperation

2021-09-07 14:40

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 6 September, spokesperson Wang Wenbin urges U.S. to support international anti-pandemic, origins tracing cooperation.

Journalist: According to reports, Jeffrey Sachs, who heads the Lancet COVID-19 Commission, said on September 5 that "the global response to the pandemic has been wholly inadequate and one of the main geopolitical problems might have been the failure of the United States to work with China for global solutions". He also said that "China has done an excellent job of suppressing the pandemic, and the world could and should have learned a lot more from China's response". "The United States should learn some good manners to work cooperatively with China, rather than trying to impose its will on that nation", added Sachs. Do you have any comment?

Wang Wenbin: I noted relevant reports. Christian Althaus, a Swiss epidemiologist, also said recently that China bought the rest of the world one to two months to prepare for the epidemic with its correct response.

Since the very beginning of the epidemic, China has always upheld the principle of openness, transparency, science and cooperation. We reported the epidemic to WHO at the earliest time possible, and shared prevention and control information and diagnosis and treatment experiences with other countries without reservation. We held the crucial line of defense in this global war against the virus and bought precious time for other countries to ramp up response. China has received two WHO expert missions for study of origins. The China-WHO joint report reached scientific and authoritative conclusions, which laid the foundation for global origins study in the next phase.

COVID-19 response and origins study both call for solidarity, cooperation and the spirit of science. Unfortunately, some in the US have time and again tried to politicize efforts on both fronts to deflect the blame for their own botched response. Such irresponsible behavior has not only cost the American people dearly, but also become the greatest obstacle in international cooperation in combating the virus and tracing the origins.

As we speak, the new wave of COVID-19 is still raging across the world. It is hoped that the US can heed the objective and rational voices from the international community, seek solidarity instead of confrontation, take responsibility instead of blame-shifting, be guided by science instead of politics, and support international cooperation in fighting the virus and tracing the origins instead of disrupting relevant efforts.

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