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Chinese FM Spokesperson: Certain Institutions and Individuals in Australia Poison the Atmosphere for China-Australia Relations for Self-serving Hidden Political Gains

2020-09-29 09:13

Journalist: An Australian magazine published articles exposing how Australian intelligence agencies colluded with anti-China academic Hamilton and MP Hastie to fabricate the false narrative of "China engaging in infiltration and espionage activities in Australia" and stage an anti-China propaganda warfare to harm China-Australia relations. I wonder if China has any comment?

Wang Wenbin: This is not the first time certain institutions and individuals in Australia were exposed by the media, and the forces behind them and their mode of operation are no longer secret. These people are obsessed with cooking up sensational lies on "China infiltration". They stigmatize and demonize normal people-to-people exchange and cooperation between China and Australia and normal activities of the Chinese community in Australia to instigate ideological confrontation, poison the atmosphere for bilateral relations, and hijack the Australian government's decision-making and public opinion. By doing so, their final aim is to achieve self-serving hidden political gains. Such despicable tricks cannot fool the Australian people and the international community. They simply won't work.

China was once a victim to bullying and interference of strong powers. We understand how valuable independence is. Guided by the principle of not doing to others what you would not want yourself, we uphold an independent foreign policy of peace. We never interfere in or infiltrate other countries. We don't think there is any need for that. Once again we urge certain people in Australia to reject the Cold War mentality and ideological bias, give more consideration to Australian people's interests instead of their own political gains, stop smearing China, and work to enhance mutual trust and cooperation with China. We also hope people from all walks of life in Australia and other countries can tell right from wrong, refuse to be deluded or blinded by a handful of radical anti-China propagandists, and view China and China-Australia relations in an objective and rational light.

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