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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on Latest Research by UCLA on COVID_19

2020-09-17 09:32

Journalist: According to the Los Angeles Times, the latest research from UCLA suggests that COVID-19 may have gotten to Los Angeles as early as December of 2019, before the World Health Organization was even privy to the cases in Wuhan, China. Do you have any comment?

Wang Wenbin: Over some time, there have been flurry of reports on when and where COVID-19 broke out, which should be taken seriously. WHO officials once said that origin-tracing is an ongoing process probably concerning many countries and localities. We should be open to the possibility of various origins.

This again indicates that origin-tracing is a very complex scientific issue, and we should not pin labels to the virus, politicize the pandemic and stigmatize other countries. We need to enable scientists around the globe to conduct international science research and cooperation. China will continue supporting WHO-led cooperation among member states on the zoonotic source of COVID-19 and in other fields and scientists around the world in conducting relevant scientific research. We also hope certain country will adopt a positive attitude towards cooperation with WHO.

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