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Statement by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney
on the Wagga Wagga City Council's decision to terminate its Sister City Relationship
with City of Kunming, Yunnan Province

2020-04-16 14:53

The Wagga Wagga City Council in New South Wales has reportedly passed a motion to terminate the city's sister city relationship with the City of Kunming in China's Yunnan Province. An individual councillor spoke at the council meeting and slandered China's national efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that China had "lied to the world" about the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak. The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney expresses regret over the council's decision and firmly opposes the slanderous remarks made by the councillor.

In recent years, the two cities of Kunming and Wagga Wagga have maintained extensive friendly exchanges and practical cooperation on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefits, which have brought about tangible benefits to both peoples and played a positive role in promoting the people-to-people friendship between China and Australia. The unilateral decision of the Wagga Wagga City Council to server its sister city relationship with Kunming has caused damages to the atmosphere and foundation for exchanges and cooperation between the two cities, and it does not serve the interests of the city of Wagga Wagga either. As a matter of fact, a number of city councillors including the mayor have clearly expressed their opposition to the decision.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has always maintained an open, transparent and highly responsible attitude, informing the whole of China and foreign countries with information about the epidemic in a timely manner while actively carrying out international health cooperation. China's prevention and control measures and achievements have been witnessed by all and have been highly praised by the United Nations, the World Health Organization and relevant countries. With the rapid development of the global pandemic, China is providing support and assistance to the international community within its capacity. The false claim by the councillor of the Wagga Wagga City Council is a complete misrepresentation of the truth and done with ulterior motives.

We urge the Wagga Wagga City Council to take China’s position and concerns seriously, to immediately overturn this decision, handle these issues in an appropriate way, and effectively restrain individual city councillors from spreading further misinformation and taking wrongful actions, so as not to cause further negative impact to the overall cooperation between the two sides.

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