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Consul General Hu Shan Joins Sydney Macanese Celebrating Macau SAR's 10th Anniversary

2009-10-13 12:46


At the invitation of Helen Wong, General Manager of Macau SAR Government Tourist Office Representative in Australia/New Zealand, Consul General HU Shan attended the Celebration on Oct. 12 Marking the 10th Anniversary of Macau’s Return to China.

Also present in the celebration were Ms. Fok Wai Lan Betty, Head of Marketing Division of Macau SAR Government Tourist Office, Dr. Simeao Archer Pinto De Mesquita, Consul General of Portugal in Sydney, Mr. Ian Cameron from Tourism New South Wales, Ms. Yvonne Herrero from Casa de Macau Australia and Macanese business and community leaders.

Consul General HU Shan addresses the celebration

Consul General HU started his speech by extending his heartfelt regard and congratulations to the Macanese compatriots in Australia.

“Since the return 10 years ago, Macau has achieved continuous economic growth, social harmony and stability.” Mr. Hu remarked, “Macau’s economic and social system, way of life, cultural traditions and features remain unchanged. But change did happen to Macau in terms of its booming economy, its brand new look and its ever closer ties with the Mainland.”

Mr. Hu noted, “Facts have proved that the Macanese have the full wisdom and capability to run and build Macau well, the Motherland has been and will always be the strong backing for Macau, and the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ policy is a correct choice.”

left 2:Ms.Helen Wong,3:Consul General HU Shan,4:Portuguese Consul General Mr. Archer Pinto De Mesquita,5,Ms. Betty Fok

Ms. Fok Wai Lan Betty and Portugese Consul General Simeao Archer Pinto De Mesquita also addressed the celebration. They were proud of Macau’s achievements in the last 10 years, especially its booming tourist industry and dynamic international relations with Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries.

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