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The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney Holds Grand Reception Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of P.R. China

2009-09-15 15:22


On September 14,2009, Chinese Consul General Hu Shan and his wife Mrs. Liu Ping hosted a grand reception celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in the Westin Hotel Sydney. Attending the reception were Chinese Ambassador to Australia Mr. Zhang Junsai, New South Wales Premier Mr. Nathan Rees, NSW Chief Justice Mr. James Spigelman, NSW Opposition Leader Mr. Barry O'Farrell, Leader of the NSW Legislative Assembly Mr. John Aquilina as well as other NSW MPs, city Councilors, Director of NSW State Office of DFAT Ms. Phillipa King, Dean of the Sydney Consular Corps Consul General of Argentine Mr. Pedro Colombi, Chairman of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China Mr. William Chiu and other dignitaries, friends from the Consular Corps, the Chinese Community, Chinese Enterprises and Overseas Chinese Students, which totalled more than 1000 people. Deputy Consul General Madam Li Yanduan mastered the ceremony of the reception.

Consul General Hu Shan Speaks

In his opening speech, Consul General Hu Shan pointed out, the founding of the People's Republic of China started a new chapter in Chinese history and China had undergone the greatest and most profound changes in her history over the past 60 years.

While elaborating the great achievements since the founding of PRC, Mr. Hu stated that China was still a developing country and should make sure that her future development was people-oriented, balanced, coordinated and sustainable in view of her own condition and the world's trend. "In the meantime, China will continue to strengthen its cooperation with Australia and other members of the international community, join hands with them in coping with the current financial crisis and other global challenges, so as to achieve common prosperity", he said.

He said since the formal inception of China-Australia diplomatic ties, the bilateral relations had largely enjoyed rapid and solid development, and which had brought tangible benefits to both peoples. He spoke highly of the great importance of China-NSW relations: "As the most important state of Australia, New South Wales has enjoyed increasingly frequent people-to-people exchanges, broader cooperation with China, which has in turn given a strong push to the overall relations at the national level."

He expressed his confidence in the development of China-Australia relations. "There are no border disputes between our two nations, or problems left over by history. If both sides approach this relationship in strict accordance with the jointly-established principles of high mutual confidence, lasting friendship, mutually beneficial for win-win, and comprehensive cooperation, then a healthy and stable China-Australia partnership can surely be secured, and more benefits will be brought to the two peoples.", said Mr. Hu.

Premier Nathan Rees Speaks

Premier Nathan Rees said in his speech that the founding of PRC marked the end of centuries of weakness and division in China and was an event which changed the course of human history forever.

"Like all national awakenings, China's journey has at times been difficult, but that is all the more reason to honour the courage and patriotism of the Chinese people who have stood proud through 60 years of change to become the flourishing and prosperous republic" , Mr. Rees said.

"Since Gough Whitlam's historic visit in 1971, Australia and China have forged a remarkable friendship across differing cultures and political traditions. NSW has a special place in that friendship".Mr. Rees announced that there would be high-level visits between NSW and Guangdong Province, with which NSW forged sister-city relationship 30 years ago. He ended his speech by toasing in Chinese "long live the People's Republic of China".

Ambassador Zhang Junsai Speaks

Ambassador Zhang thanked the Chinese communities and friends across Australia for their support to China's development and reunification cause. He said through the great course that New China had travelled, the Chinese nation had revitalized itself and created a miracle in human history.

"There is a long way ahead given our national conditions and in the global context. We will follow the trend of the times and pursue harmony and progress. We will practice scientific development at home and build peace in the world. China will be more dynamic and contribute more to peaceful development of whole mankind.", said the Ambassador.

Mr. Zhang stressed that China had goodwill towards other members of the international community and stood ready to build friendly relations with other countries for common development. "We are committed to continued sound growth of China-Australia relations", he said.

Mr. William Chiu Speaks

On behalf of the Chinese Communities in NSW, Mr. William Chiu acknowledged the remarkable progress achieved by China over the past 60 years, in which he said overseas Chinese took great pride.

More than 1000 people attends the reception

Deputy Consul-General Madam Zhao Xuefang,Counsellor Liu Jin from the Chinese Embassy in Australia attended the reception.

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