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Consul General HU Shan Paid a Courtesy Visit to Mr. John Aquilina

2008-11-21 07:39

Consul General Hu Shan (right) and Hon. John Aquilina

On November 19, Newly-arrived Chinese Consul General HU visited the New South Wales Parliament, where he paid a courtesy call to Mr. John Aquilina, leader of the House. The two had a friendly exchange of opinions on China-Australia relations, the world financial crisis etc.

Mr. HU spoke highly of the bilateral relations between China and Australia and that between China and NSW. “The China-Australia bilateral relations are currently in at its all time best. I wish to join you in the next few years to promote this relationship to a new high.” Mr. Hu remarked.

Mr. Aquilina agreed with Mr. Hu on his remarks of the bilateral relations. “36 years ago, it was the Labor Party Australian government who made the strategically right decision to establish diplomatic relations with China. I’m very proud of that” He added, “I’m also proud that NSW can have in Sydney an Ambassadorial level Consul General from China, which shows that China looks on NSW as an important partner.”

Mr. Aqulina also thanked Mr. Hu for making the courtesy call, and wished to maintain a close working relationship with the Chinese Consulate-General.

Chinese Deputy Consul General LI Yanduan joined Mr. Hu for the
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