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Chinese FM Spokesperson: The US, UK, Australia And Canada Will See A Successful Beijing Winter Olympic Games Regardless of Whether They Send Officials or Not

2021-12-10 08:58

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 9 December, spokesperson Wang Wenbin answered a question about the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Journalist: The UK and Canada said they will not send diplomatic representatives to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. What is China’s response? It is reported that 20 countries have not signed the Olympic truce resolution previously adopted by the UN General Assembly. How does China assess its potential domino effect?

Wang Wenbin: I need to point out in the first place that in fact China hasn’t invited any of these countries. They will see a successful Beijing Winter Olympic Games regardless of whether they send officials or not. 

Sports have nothing to do with politics. The Olympic Games is a grand gathering of athletes and sports lovers, not a stage for the posturing and grandstanding of politicians. A handful of countries including the US, Australia, the UK and Canada refused to co-sponsor the UN resolution on Olympic Truce for the Beijing Winter Games, and now put on a self-staged farce of “not sending officials”, pitting themselves against the big Olympic family. We hope relevant countries will act upon the Olympic spirit of “together”, rather than undermining the Olympic cause.

You asked about the potential chain reaction. That’s not a concern for us. On the contrary, what we see is the overwhelming majority of the international community supporting a successful Beijing Winter Olympics. On December 2, the 76th session of the UNGA adopted by consensus the resolution on Olympic Truce for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Beijing 2022 drafted by China and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and co-sponsored by 173 member states. Representatives of many member states voiced their support for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the resolution. This in itself demonstrates the international community’s support for the Olympic Movement and resolve to safeguard world peace.

We have every confidence that guided by the Olympic spirit and with the concerted efforts by all sides, we will surely present a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympic event to the world and jointly promote the Olympic cause.

Journalist: New Zealand’s trade minister said in response to a question that his country has always taken a firm stand on human rights and would not send government officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics. What is the Chinese government’s response to this?

Wang Wenbin: The Beijing Winter Olympics is a gathering of Olympic athletes and winter sports fans all over the world. We welcome athletes from around the world, including those from New Zealand, to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics. We hope all parties will act upon the Olympic spirit of “together” instead of politicizing sports.

Journalist: The Chinese embassy in Canada issued a statement saying that it has made solemn representations with the Canadian side. Will China do the same with the British side? Japan has not announced its decision on the Beijing 2002 yet, but may not send a cabinet member to the Games. What is your comment? China said it will take resolute countermeasures against the US. Will the same goes for the UK, Australia and Canada? 

Wang Wenbin: As to your first question, the Chinese Embassy in the UK has released a readout, which you may refer to.

On your second question, I want to point out that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is a stage for winter sports athletes. Any act that attempts to politicize sports in the name of human rights and freedom violates the spirit of the Olympic Charter. China is firmly opposed to that. China and Japan have important consensus on supporting each other in hosting Olympic Games. China gave full support to Japan in hosting the Tokyo Olympics, now it is Japan’s turn to show basic good faith.

On your third question, political manipulation with the Olympic Games by the US, Australia, the UK and Canada wins no support and isolates the countries themselves. They will pay a price for their erroneous moves. 

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