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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson’s Remarks

2021-12-08 12:33

The Chinese Embassy in Australia noticed that today the Australian side announced that its officials wouldn’t attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, and also noticed that Australian Olympic Committee President shared information on Australian athletes’ participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics not long ago. We wish the Australian athletes excellent performance at the Winter Olympics and believe they will also witness a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympics in China.

According to Olympic rules, dignitaries are invited by their respective National Olympic Committee (NOC) to attend the Olympic Games. It is up to the NOC to decide whether to extend invitations or not. “Mountains can not stop the river from flowing into the sea.” Australia’s success at the Beijing Winter Olympics depends on the performance of Australian athletes, not on the attendance of Australian officials, and the political posturing by some Australian Politicians.

As we all know, the blame for the current predicament of China-Australia relations lies squarely on the Australian side. China once again urges the Australian side to take practical measures to create favorable conditions for improving bilateral relations. The Australian side's statement that it will not send officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics runs counter to its publicly pronounced expectation to improve China-Australia relations.

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