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Chinese FM Spokesperson: Australia Should Correct Its Erroneous Words And Actions on China

2021-11-11 11:52

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 10 November, spokesperson Wang Wenbin answered a question about China-Australia relationship.

Journalist: the former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating recently criticized the Australian government's approach to China in a speech. What's your comment?

Wang Wenbin: The current difficult situation in China-Australia relations is entirely caused by the Australian side. Australia is fully aware of this. For quite some time, many visionary people in Australia have made objective and rational voices on China-Australia relations and put forward helpful suggestions on improving bilateral relations, which should be carefully listened to and reflected upon by the Australian government. The Australian side should face squarely the crux of the setbacks in the bilateral ties, view China and its development in an objective and rational light, and handle bilateral relations in accordance with the principle of mutual respect and equality. It should correct its erroneous words and actions on China that has been around for a while and do things that can help to enhance mutual trust and practical cooperation.

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