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Chinese FM Spokesperson:China Has Its Own Judgement about Whether Australia Is Sincere or Not

2021-09-30 06:59

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 28 September, spokesperson Hua Chunying answered a question about China-Australia relations.

Journalist: According to reports, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in an interview yesterday that there is no obstacle to direct China-Australia dialogue at the political level on the Australian side, but China is not interested in that opportunity. At the same time, Australian media commented that considering the enough space for turnaround between China and the US, and that Australia has run out of all "bullets" in the name of "principles of democracy" in recent years, Australia may end up in an awkward situation where it has no "card to play" against China. What is China's comment?

Hua Chunying: China always believes that state-to-state relations should and must be built on the basis of mutual respect and equal treatment, and that countries must respect each others' core interests and legitimate rights to development. Whether Australia is sincere about improving and developing relations with China, or it does the opposite to what it says, or even goes so far as to blatantly stab China in the back, China has its own judgement.

The current difficulties in China-Australia relations are entirely of Australia's own making, which is not what China wishes to see and is what Australia knows well. It is imperative that Australia face up to the crux of the setbacks in bilateral relations, and earnestly think about whether China is seen as a partner or a threat. The Australian side should take an objective and correct look at China and its development, earnestly follow the principles of mutual respect and equality when handling the bilateral relations, and do more to enhance mutual trust and promote practical cooperation between the two countries. We hope Australia can redress its wrong remarks and moves on relations with China for some time, and take real actions to create conditions for recovering and improving the bilateral relations.

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