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photo album---Venue construction for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

2008-04-30 00:00

Night scene of the National Stadium, also known as the "Bird's Nest", which functions as the main stadium for the 2008 summer Olympics. It will host the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field events and football finals. Photo by Xing Guangli

Night view of the National Aquatics Center, which is another highlight of Beijing Olympics venues and will host the swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo competition during the Games. After the Games, the center will become a water recreation center for the public. Photo by Yang Lei

Laoshan Gymnasium, located in the western part of Beijing, will be the venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics' cycling competition. Xinhua Photo

Interior of Beijing Worker's Stadium, which ranked among the city's top 10 architecture in the 1950s. The stadium is renovated for the 2008 Olympic Games. Photo by Luo Xiaoguang

Beach Volleyball Competition Venue for the 2008 summer Olympics at Beijing Chaoyang Park. Xinhua photo

The Olympic Water Park, located in eastern Beijing, will host canoeing competition of the 2008 Olympic Games. Photo by Luo Xiaoguang

A stadium in Beijing Industrial University, where the badminton and eurhythmics competitions of the Beijing Olympics will take place. Xinhua Photos

Students, some of whom will serve as receptionists for the 2008 Olympic Games, have their dancing class at Beijing Chuanping Professional Training School. Photo by Luo Xiaoguang

On April 18, 2008, a women's walking competition was held in Beijing to test the "Bird's Nest", the main stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games.


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