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Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu's Remarks on the Adoption of the Resolution on Tibet by the European Parliament

2008-04-15 00:00

Q: On April 10, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation of Tibet. How do you comment on that?

A: The resolution of Tibet adopted by the European Parliament blatantly distorts the history and reality of Tibet, grossly interferes with the domestic affairs of China, publicly sides with the splitting position of Dalai and confuses the right and wrong concerning the serious violent crimes in Lhasa. It makes irresponsible accusations against the Chinese Government, links on purpose the Tibetan affairs with the Beijing Olympic Games. The resolution severely hurts the feelings of the Chinese people, to which China expresses firm opposition.

The Tibetan affairs are China's internal affairs, which brook no interference by any foreign country or international organization. The serious violent crimes occurred in Lhasa and elsewhere, and the violent attacks of the Tibetan separatist forces against the Chinese diplomatic missions in EU and their activities to disturb the Olympic torch relay, fully demonstrate the violent and independence-seeking nature of the Dalai Clique under the disguise of the rhetorics of peace of autonomy. Turning a blind eye to facts, the European Parliament, instead of accusing the Dalai Clique of inciting and premeditating violent criminal acts, supports the atrocity of the Tibetan separatist forces and the splitting activities of Dalai. We express strong indignation towards that.

The policy of the Chinese Government towards Dalai is consistent. As long as Dalai abandons his "Tibetan independence" proposal for real, stop activities to split the motherland, especially cease inciting and premeditating violent crimine and disturbing the Beijing Olympic Games, we are ready to continue our contact and dialogue with him.

We strongly urge the European Parliament to respect facts, stop interfering with China's domestic affairs as well as the provocative and confrontational activities and refrain from applying double standards on human rights, offering Dalai venue for his splitting activities, and sending any wrong political signals to Dalai and the international community.

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