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The Olympic Torch Will March Forward Despite of the Winds and Storms

2008-04-14 00:00

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu's Remarks on the Olympic Torch Relay in San Francisco

Q: On the afternoon of April 9, the U.S. local time, the Beijing Olympic Torch has completed its relay journey in San Francisco successfully. Could you please comment on that?

A: On the afternoon of April 9, the U.S. local time, with the warm welcome of the vast majority of patriotic overseas Chinese and local people, and thanks to the effective cooperation of the US Government and the localities of San Francisco, the torch relay of Beijing Olympic Games has completed successfully and safely in San Francisco, A lot of touching moments are cherished in our heart. These fully reflected the sincere and best wishes of the people around world in supporting and embracing the Olympic Games. The Olympic Torch will continue its journey despite of winds and storms, and disseminate the Olympic spirit and the notion of peace, friendship and progress to every corner on the earth. This cannot be held back by any forces. We are fully confident that the Chinese people will work jointly with the people all over the world to host a high-level world sports event with distinguishing feature.

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