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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on the Disruption of Olympic Torch Relay in London and Paris

2008-04-08 00:00

Q: On April 6, a handful of Tibetan separatists in London and Paris attempted to disrupt the Beijing Olympic torch relay. How do you comment on that?

A: The Beijing Olympic Games is a shared sports event for people worldwide. The Olympic torch is for people around the globe. Warmly welcomed by the British and French public, the Olympic torch relay was completed safely in London and Paris on April 6 and 7 respectively.

We express our strong condemnation to the deliberate disruption of the Olympic torch relay by Tibetan separatist forces regardless of the Olympic spirit and the law of Britain and France. Their despicable activities tarnish the lofty Olympic spirit and challenge all the people loving the Olympic Games around the world. We are convinced that nobody can impede the Olympic spirit and the concept of "peace, friendship and progress" represented by the Olympic torch.

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