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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarkes on US Speaker Pelosi's Proposed Resolution Concerning Tibet

2008-04-07 00:00

Q: Recently, US House Speaker Pelosi introduced a resolution, calling upon the Chinese Government to stop the "crackdown" in Tibet and conduct substantial dialogue with Dalai. How do you comment on that?

A: The resolution proposed by a handful of US representatives chooses to remain silent on the violence involved in beating, smashing up properties, looting and arson in Lhasa and the Dalai clique who premeditated and organized the criminal act of violence, instead, targets at the Chinese Government and its people. It is completely blurring the line between the black and white and out of ulterior motives.

Our policies on the contacts with Dalai are persistent and clear. As long as Dalai truly abandons his "Tibet Independence" propositions and stops separatist activities, in particular, those of plotting and inciting criminal act of violence in Tibet and other areas and disrupting the Beijing Olympics, recognizes Tibet and Taiwan as inseparable parts of the Chinese territory, we are willing to continue the contact and talks with him.

We urge relevant US congressmen display their due sense of responsibility as political figures by respecting the facts, discarding their prejudices and recognizing the nature of the Dalai clique. They should stop pushing forward the resolution concerning Tibet and refrain from doing things that hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and undermine bilateral relations.

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