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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on Dalai's Appeal to the Chinese People on March 28

2008-04-02 00:00

Over the past five decades, the Dalai clique has been distorting the history, provoking ethnic conflicts and undermining social stability in pursuit of "Tibet Independence". Recently, the Dalai clique plotted and instigated the incidents involving beating, smashing up properties, looting and arson in Lhasa and other Tibetan-inhabited areas. They endangered the safety of people's lives and properties, arousing strong indignation of the Chinese people of various ethnic groups and drawn international condemnation. This incident is another exposure of the hypocrisy of the non-violence propaganda of Dalai in front of people around the world. Solid evidence has proven the connection between Dalai and the Lhasa incident. His attempt to clear himself of the link through the "Appeal" is futile. On one hand, Dalai claims that he hopes to have contact and talks with the Central Government. But on the other hand, he is creating social disturbances and disrupting the Beijing Olympics anticipated by peoples and athletes worldwide, which has severely undermined the basis for the talks. If Dalai really wants to have talks and contact with the Central Government and become a member of the big family of our motherland, he should immediately stop all his activities of inciting violent act of beating, smashing up properties, looting and arson, disrupting the Beijing Olympics and separating Tibet from the motherland.

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