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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on Dalai

2008-03-19 00:00

Q:As to the violent incident in Lhasa, some say that Dalai is not a separatist. Do you have any comment on that?

A: Dalai is not a just religious figure, but a political exile who engaged in separatist activities and undermining national unity under the disguise of religion.

Firstly, Dalai refuses to recognize Tibet as part of the Chinese territory since ancient times, claiming that Tibet is a country occupied by China. Secondly, he refuses to recognize the existing social system in Tibet, attempting to overthrow it and replace it with another one. Thirdly, he insists on establishing the so-called "Greater Tibet Area", which covers almost a quarter of the Chinese territory, but has never existed in history. Fourthly, he requests the Central Government to withdraw troops from the so-called "Greater Tibet Area". Fifthly, he wants to move all the non-Tibetans out of the so-called "Greater Tibet Area". As provided in its so-called Charter of Tibetans in-Exile, the Dalai Clique and its "Tibetan Government in-Exile" plan to establish a Federal, Democratic and Self-Governing Republic.

What Dalai has said and done for decades has proved that he has never given up his separatist proposition nor ceased separatist activities. The serious criminal act of violence involving beating, destruction of property, looting and arson in Lhasa is premeditated, organized and instigated by the Dalai clique, which again exposed its separatist nature, as well as the hypocrisy and deception of their claimed "peace" and "nonviolence".

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