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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Remaks on Raul Castro's Election as President of the Council of State

2008-02-28 00:00

Q: Raul Castro was elected as President of the Council of State to succeed Fidel Castro. Do you have any comment? What impact will it have on the China-Cuba relations?

A: Raul Castro was elected as President of the Council of State at the just-concluded First Session of the 7th National Assembly of People's Power in Cuba. China would like to extend congratulations to him.

China always maintains that the rights of Cuban people to decide their own affairs and to independently choose their path of development should be respected. We believe and wish that, under the leadership of the new government, Cuba will maintain stability and development, which is beneficial not only to the Cuban people but also the peace and stability in the region.

As a friendly country to Cuba, China will continue to consolidate and develop its mutually-beneficial and friendly cooperation with Cuba.

Castro is a leader Cuban people deeply venerate, an outstanding international activist and an old friend of the Chinese people. He has long been devoted to and making historic contribution to the development of China-Cuba relations. China thinks highly of that and wishes him an early recovery.

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