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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang's Remarks on the So-called "Protests against China" in Vietnam

2007-12-11 00:00

Q: It is reported that there were so-called "protests against China" in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam on December 9, 2007. Do you have any comment?

A: It is a consistent position of the Chinese Government that China has indisputable sovereignty over the islands and adjacent waters in South China Sea. We are well aware of Vietnam's different claims in different periods of its history. The leaders of China and Vietnam have exchanged views on the issue on various occasions and agreed on working together to properly settle maritime disputes through dialogue and negotiation so as to maintain the stability in the South China Sea and the overall interest of bilateral relations.

We are deeply concerned over recent developments in Vietnam which will undermine the friendly relations between China and Vietnam. We hope that the Vietnamese Government would take a responsible attitude and adopt effective measures to prevent the situation from further developing and the bilateral relations being undermined.

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