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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Regular Press Conference on 29 November, 2007

2007-12-02 00:00

On the afternoon of November 29, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Jianchao held a regular press conference and answered questions on Musharraf's re-election as the President of Pakistan, the Six-Party Talks, climate change and cyber security, and etc..

Liu: Good afternoon, I will start with an announcement.

China and the US have agreed to hold the Third China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue in Beijing from December 12 to 13. Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi of the State Council and US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will co-chair the Dialogue as special representatives of the heads of the two countries. Ministers of competent departments and other senior officials from the two countries will also be present.

Now the floor is open.

Q: The 13th Session of the Conference of Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 3rd Session of the Conference of the Parties Serving as the Meeting of the Parties (CMP) to the Kyoto Protocol will be held in Bali Island, Indonesia. What expectation does China have over the Conference and will there be a Chinese delegation participating in the Conference?

A: China attaches great importance to the 13th Session of the Conference of Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 3rd Session of the Conference of the Parties Serving as the Meeting of the Parties (CMP) to the Kyoto Protocol. A delegation headed by Mr. Xie Zhenghua, Vice Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will attend the Conference. We hope that the Conference will achieve substantive progress.

China maintains that the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol have laid a sound legal foundation for the international community to respond to climate change. China supports an early consensus on the international arrangement beyond 2012 under the framework of the Convention and the Protocol. We hope that the Bali Conference will identify the emission reduction targets for developed countries beyond 2012 on the basis of the Convention and the Protocol. We also hope that the developed countries will provide financial and technical support to developing countries to help them enhance their ability to respond to climate change. China will work with other developing countries and make our due contribution to the issue through sustainable development.

Q: Is there a specific timetable for the next round of the Six-Party Talks? Also, the delegation of the six parties arrived in Beijing today, after wrapping up their visit to the DPRK to inspect the denuclearization work there. Could you feed us with more details?

A: About your first question, the date for the next round of the Six-Party Talks hasn't been set yet, but we have been in close communication with parties concerned.

As for your second question, the six parties have jointly sent a delegation to the DPRK. They have found that the denuclearization work is proceeding smoothly and that the visit is helpful.

Q: A US software security company released a report recently, claiming that governments and relevant organizations of some countries are involved in increasingly complicated cyber espionage activities; 120 nations could be developing the technology of hacking and lots of hackers are based in China. Can you comment on that?

A: The Chinese Government has expounded on this issue on many occasions. The Chinese Government opposes to and strictly forbids any cyber crimes that undermine the security of information systems. And there are explicit stipulations in our laws and regulations. "Hacking" is a global issue, and China's network and information systems have also been frequently attacked by "hackers" from other countries. China takes it seriously to combat various cyber crimes including hacking. We stand ready to work with all parties concerned to strengthen the international cooperation to combat cyber crimes.

Q: You just said that China's network and information systems have also been frequently attacked by "hackers" from other countries, can you identify those countries?

A:China has been addressing the issue in a constructive attitude and will not publicize the list of those countries involved. We will enhance communication and cooperation with relevant parties through proper channels so as to jointly counter cyber crimes.

Q: Recently, some German officials told German media that China was one of the major countries involved in the espionage activities in Germany. Can you respond to that? Pakistani President Musharraf has resigned from his military post and will be sworn in the next president today. Please comment on it.

A: These kinds of remarks crop up from time to time. Since the beginning of this year, officials from a German Federal department unleashed groundless accusations against the Chinese Government and overseas Chinese in Germany. China is strongly dissatisfied with such an irresponsible behavior, which has aroused strong indignation among the Chinese people. China has made solemn representation to Germany again and requested German officials involved to stop the erroneous act that undermines China's image, China-Germany relationship and the friendship between the two peoples.

On the second question, China congratulates His Excellency Musharraf to take up the post as the next President of Pakistan and believes that Pakistan will continue to maintain social stability and economic development under his leadership. China will make joint efforts with Pakistan to promote the development of China-Pakistan strategic and cooperative partnership.

Q: Premier Wen Jiabao said on the 3rd East Asia Summit that one of China's specific targets to control green house gas emission for 2010 is to keep the nitrous oxide for industrial use at the 2005 level. Could you be more specific of this target?

A: On the East Asia Summit, Premier Wen Jiabao expounded on China's position on climate change and the series of policies and measures to be taken in dealing with climate change. You may refer to the competent authorities for the specifics of the program.

If there are no further questions, thank you!

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