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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang's Comments on the Sudanese Anti-governmental Organization's Demanding Chinese Peacekeepers to Leave

2007-12-02 00:00

Q: A major Darfur rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement, was quoted as saying that the Chinese peacekeepers were neither welcome nor allowed to enter the area under their control. The organization demanded the Chinese peacekeepers to leave immediately, otherwise, they will take actions accordingly. What is China's reaction to this? In which part of Darfur will the Chinese peacekeepers carry out their mission?

A: At the invitation of the UN, the Chinese Government has decided to send 315 multifunctional military engineers to Darfur for peacekeeping mission. Now they are being dispatched to places at the request of the UN. The Chinese engineers will be in charge of the task of constructing roads and bridges and drilling wells in order to prepare for the comprehensive deployment of the UN-AU hybrid forces in Darfur. China has also made great efforts to promote Sudan peace process.

China's participation in the peace-keeping in Darfur is an evidence of the constructive role it plays for the proper settlement of the Darfur problem. China's participation is well received internationally, as it is conducive to the peace, stability, and reconstruction of Darfur, as well as improving the living standard of the people there. We could neither understand nor accept the accusation against our participation. And we strongly oppose the blatant threat to the security of our peacekeepers. The security of UN's peacekeepers, including the security of Chinese peacekeepers, must be guaranteed. China hopes that those anti-governmental organizations that have not signed the Darfur Peace Agreement will join the peace process as soon as possible, so as to contribute to regional peace, stability and development.

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