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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Regular Press Conference on 16 October 2007

2007-10-17 00:00

On the afternoon of October 16, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao held a regular press conference and answered questions on the situation in Sudan and Myanmar, the Iranian nuclear issue and etc.

Liu Jianchao: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

I will start with an announcement.

At the invitation of President Hu Jintao, Oscar Arias Sanchez, President of the Republic of Costa Rica will pay a state visit to China from October 22 to 28.

With that, I'd be happy to take your questions.

Q: It is reported that China will not attend the meeting of the political Director-Generals from the foreign ministries of the six countries on Iranian nuclear issue to be held on October 17 in Berlin, Germany. Could you confirm that and tell us why?

A: Due to technical reasons, China will not attend the meeting of the political Director-Generals from the foreign ministries of the six countries on Iranian nuclear issue due on October 17 in Berlin. I'd like to stress that China's position on the Iranian nuclear issue remains unchanged.

Q: A Japanese was arrested by public security in Shenyang City. The Ministry of Public Security said that he was involved in illegal trading of organs. What did he do illegally? And what measures will China take to handle this kind of case in the future?

A: The Japanese you mentioned is named Hiroyuki Nagase, representing the legal person of IPC Information Service Co., a Japanese-funded enterprise in Shenyang City of Liaoning Province. This company has been found to have released information on the Internet under the name of China International Organ Transplant Support Center and helped to arrange organ transplants for Japanese patients since 2004. The company has not only been doing business beyond what it registered to do, but also violated the regulation of the Ministry of Health prohibiting organ trading in China. At present, Hiroyuki Nagase was arrested for illegal operation by the People's Procuratorate of Shenyang according to law. Public security authorities have also taken criminal coercive measures against others involved in this case. The case is under further investigation.

Q: Former US Vice-President Al Gore and the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations won the Nobel Peace Prize of this year lately. Is there any comment?

A: China applauds the positive role played by Mr. Gore and the IPCC in promoting cooperation among the international community to deal with climate changes, and we extend congratulations to them.

Q: On October 11, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement declared to recall its senior officials in Sudan's National Unity Government including the advisor to the President and Cabinet members and suspend its cooperation with the National Congress Party. What's China's comment?

A: China is concerned over the situation there. We believe the Sudan National Congress Party and the SPLM will, proceeding from the general interest of national solidarity and reconciliation, cherish the hard-won peace between the North and South and resolve their differences through dialogue and consultation. We hope the two sides work together to implement the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and press ahead with the North-South peace process.

Q: Will the meeting on Iranian nuclear issue be held another day if China decides to take part in it?

A: China has informed relevant parties of its decision not to take part in this meeting. As to whether the meeting will be held sometime in the future, I don't have the information.

Q: Mr. Gambari, the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Myanmar will visit Asian countries including China soon. Could you brief us on his schedule?

A: We have taken note that Mr. Gambari has started his visit to relevant Asian countries, exchanging views on Myanmar issue with other parties. China welcomes Mr. Gambari to visit China again at an early date, and the specifics are still under consultation.

If there are no more questions, thanks for your presence.

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