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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Remarks on Mr. Gambari's Visit to Myanmar

2007-10-08 00:00

Mr. Gambari, the Special Envoy of UN Secretary-General on Myanmar issue made in-depth exchange of views on the situation in Myanmar with its leaders and had extensive contacts with people there. We view it as a helpful step and applaud the efforts made by the Myanmar government and Mr. Gambari. Making its due efforts to support the mediation of UN Secretary-General and his special envoy on Myanmar issue, China is relieved to see the achievements of this trip.

China has taken note that the situation in Myanmar is getting calm lately, which is the result of the concerted efforts made by relevant parties in Myanmar and the international community. China hopes the Myanmar situation continue to develop in the positive direction, which serves the common aspiration and interest of Myanmar people and all countries in the region.

China calls upon relevant parties in Myanmar to exercise restraint and use peaceful means to restore comprehensive stability, promote domestic reconciliation, improve people's livelihood and achieve democracy and development. The Chinese Government will continue to play a positive and constructive role by working together with the international community.

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