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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Regular Press Conference on 11 September 2007

2007-09-12 00:00

On the afternoon of September 11, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu held a regular press conference and answered questions on the visit to the DPRK by nuclear experts from China, the US and Russia, the search and rescue of the missing Russian tourists and the "hacking" issue.

Jiang Yu: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

First of all, I would like to make an announcement. At the invitation of Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic of the Republic of Serbia will pay an official visit to China from September 12 to 14.

Now the floor is open.

Q: It is reported that the nuclear experts from China and Russia have left for the DPRK for verification. Can you confirm? Could you brief us on the names of the experts, their posts, and their task there?

A: The group composed of the experts from China, the US and Russia left for the DPRK today. They will work with the DPRK experts to study the specifics of how to disable of the nuclear facilities.

Q: Dalai Lama will visit Portugal tomorrow. He will be received by the Portuguese Parliament and deliver a speech there. Do you have any comment?

A: Tibet has been China's territory since ancient times. It is the consensus of the international community that the Tibet question is China's internal affairs. The words and actions of Dalai Lama in the past decades have shown that he is not simply a religious figure, but a political exile who has been engaged in the separatist activities under the disguise of religion. Wherever he goes, in whatever name, what he does is not simply religious activities but represents a political force to split the motherland and advocate Tibet independence. We are firmly opposed to that. We hope relevant countries can be fully aware of the nature of Dalai Lama and refrain from providing venues or facilitating his splittist activities.

Q: The French media reported that some Chinese hackers attacked the French network. Do you have any comment? Second question, has China become the target of foreign hackers recently?

A: I have taken note of the report you mentioned and the clarification by France on that. Hacking is an international issue and China is a frequent victim in this regard. The Chinese government has been opposed to and forbidden any cyber crimes including hacking. We have strict laws and regulations in this regard and we are ready to enhance cooperation with other countries to counter cyber crimes including France.

Q: Have the European countries or the US discussed the hacking issue with China through diplomatic channels? Have the competent authorities of China conducted any investigation in this regard?

A: We have competent authorities in charge of the issue, and you may refer your specific question to them.

I also had contact with the relevant authorities. By the end of last week, relevant authorities had not received request from foreign countries for cooperative investigation. We have the channel for international law enforcement cooperation in jointly countering cyber crimes including hacking and we are ready to enhance international cooperation through normal channels.

Q: Have you set the date of the next round of the Six-Party Talks? What preparation is China making at present?

A: China is now engaged in active preparation for the second phase of the 6th round of the Six-Party Talks. The specific date is still under discussion. China is ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant parties to make joint efforts to do a good job in the next phase, implement the various agreements in a comprehensive and balanced way, and press ahead with the talks in a steady way.

Q: Six Russian tourists are missing in Xinjiang recently. Can you brief us relevant information on search and rescue?

A: China cares much about the missing Russian civilians in Xinjiang. We have mobilized various forces and launched large scale search and rescue action. We will do our best to search for them. The search and rescue plane from Russia has arrived in Xinjiang at the moment. We will cooperate closely with the Russian experts to do the job well.

Q: The Pakistani Government announced the ex-Prime Minister Sherif was expelled. What's your comment on the Pakistani political security situation?

A: This is the domestic issue of Pakistan. We believe that the Pakistani Government will continue to safeguard the social stability and economic development.

Q: State Councilor Zhou Yongkang said today that terrorism had become the major concern of the preparation for the Beijing Olympic Games. China is under no terrorist threat at present. What kind of groups or individuals do you think may pose threat to China?

A: I have also taken note of the remarks you mentioned just now. The Chinese Government is sparing no efforts to prepare for the Olympic Games. We are confident that we have the capabilities to hold a successful Olympic Games, and to present to people from all over the world a unique and high-level sports event.

Q: An official from the Meteorology Administration of China said recently that China will strengthen the control on the foreign-related meteorological test. The purpose is to protect state secrets and prevent overseas scholars from publicizing China's meteorological data in international conferences. What's your comment? What kind of meteorological test can be approved by the department concerned?

A: I'm not in a position to interpret the policy of the Meteorology Administration. You can refer your question to them. Foreigners should abide by relevant laws and regulations when conducting relevant activities in China.

Q: What cooperation in counter-terrorism has China conducted with other countries during its preparation for the Olympic Games? What have you learnt?

A: On the Olympic Games security issue, you can refer your question to relevant authorities.

On counter-terrorism issue, the position of the Chinese Government is clear. We support combating terrorism in whatever forms. The UN and its Security Council's leading role in counter-terrorism should be given into full play. We are opposed to "double standards" and to linking terrorism with any specific nation or religion.

If there are no further questions, thank you for your participation. See you next time!

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