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2010-03-16 13:13



The Consular Section of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney is committed to provide consular services of quality in NSW Australia. We welcome your compliments & complaints. Your feedback will help us improve.



What can I make a compliment or complaint about?

You can express praise or dissatisfaction in relation to our services or performances of an individual staff member.

We value compliments because they encourage excellence and give us an opportunity to recognize our staff. On the contrary, complaints can help us identify areas in need of a change and minimize the likelihood of the issue recurring or escalating.


How can I provide a compliment or complaint?

You can give us your feedback on site or contact us later through the following channels,

Ø        Go to the Information Desk of the Consular Section to leave your feedback.

Ø        Fax to us @ 02-85958021.

Ø        Sent an Email to us, visa_passport_sydney@mfa.gov.cn, and mark "Re: compliment or complaint".

Ø        Write to us @ 39 Dunblance St. Camperdown, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2050.


How long will it take?

Your feedback will be acknowledged within two working days after we receive it. And we will respond to it within 10 working days.


What can I do if I am still not satisfied?

If you are not happy with how we have handled your complaint, you can contact the Vice Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney by,

Ø        Faxing to 02-85958001, and mark "To Vice Consul General, Complaints".

Ø        Sending an email to chinaconsul_syd_au@mfa.gov.cn,and mark "To Vice Consul General, Complaints".

Ø        Writing to the address: 39 Dunblance St. Camperdown, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2050, and mark on the envelope "To Vice Consul General, Complaints".


Important information about complaint

Ø        We will investigate into the case that you complain about and make timely contact with you.

Ø        We fully respect your right of making a complaint and expect that you can pinpoint your concern in an unemotional and objective point of view.

Ø        Complaints can't be handled in an effective way when,

l    Complaints are vexatious without evidence or substance.

l    Malicious, aggressive or abusive language/behavior is used.

l    Someone insists on unreasonable demand, i.e. persistence in a positive result of an application, insisting on speaking to a particular staff member, or asking for an unreasonable timescale.

Ø        False complaints or defamation may result in legal responsibilities.


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