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Chinese FM Spokesperson:Politicization of Origin Tracing of the Coronovirus Is Nothing But a Political Move to Cover up the US Attempt to Contain China's Rise

2021-07-29 14:38

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 28 July, spokesperson Zhao Lijian answered a question about the United State’s attempt to politicize the origin tracing of the coronovirus and contain China’ s rise.

Journalist: According to an online survey report released by CGTN Think Tank on July 26, 80% of the global netizens who participated in the poll believe “the issue of virus tracing on COVID-19 has been politicized”. What’s your comment on this?

Zhao Lijian: The CGTN Think Tank poll in the UN official languages including Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic has shown strong global disapproval with the US politicization of study of origins. Participants have voiced their shared opinion in different languages that "the investigation of the origin of the virus does not help to solve the problem of pandemic control. This is nothing but a stupid and unhelpful political move to cover up the United States' attempt to contain China's rise."

For some time, the US, in order to shift responsibility for its poor COVID-19 response and achieve the political motive of smearing and suppressing other countries, has pursued politicization and stigmatization and used origin-tracing as a tool. This has severely undermined science-based origin tracing and the global fight against COVID-19.

First, the US has distorted facts and spread disinformation. While turning a blind eye to the conclusions of the Joint WHO-China Study, the US has cited groundless information from some officials or intelligence channels to hype up the theory that “the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology”. Such moves to mislead the public, muddy the water and scapegoat China are only aimed to deflect attention and cover up early cases in the US and the truth of the suspicion-shrouded biological laboratories.

Second, the US violates science in clamoring for an investigation led by the intelligence community. To substantiate its predetermined conclusion of a lab leak, the US set aside scientific research and brazenly ordered its intelligence community to come up with a conclusion on the origin of the virus within 90 days. This act is not science-based, objective or serious. It’s a total political farce.

Third, the U.S. has been obsessive with coercion and playing dirty tricks all around. Through coercive and pressurizing means, the U.S. intends to force scientists to bow and turn to support the "lab leak" theory in the face of their hegemony, bullying and coercion. According to reports, many of the unyielding in the scientific community have been suffering verbal abuse, physical assaults and threats, and some of them had to resign in defence of their scientific positions.

Facts speak louder than words. People shall not be deceived or manipulated. The U.S. side’s political manipulation of the origin-tracing process has been widely rejected by the international community. As of now, 60 countries have written to the WHO Director-General Tedros to stress that tracing the origins of the virus is a scientific matter and should not be politicized, and the joint WHO-China study report should be upheld. In many countries, condemnation of the U.S. side’s politicization of the issue has been expressed by political leaders, media outlets, experts and the general public. In China alone, over 16 million netizens have endorsed the open letter calling on the WHO to investigate the Fort Detrick bio-lab. A solemn reminder to the U.S. side: in the face of facts, science and justice, political manipulation will gain no support and is doomed to fail.

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