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Chinese FM Spokesperson: International Scientists Believe that the So-called "Lab Leak" Theory Remains Without Scientifically Validated Evidence

2021-07-08 14:34

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 7 July, spokesperson Wang Wenbin answered a question rebuking the so-called "lab leak" theory.

Journalist: According to reports, in a letter published by The Lancet on July 5, 24 internationally-renowned scientists rebuked the so-called "lab leak" theory some US politicians are trying to sell. They said that "the strongest clue from new, credible, and peer-reviewed evidence in the scientific literature is that the virus evolved in nature, while suggestions of a laboratory-leak source of the pandemic remain without scientifically validated evidence". Do you have any comment?

Wang Wenbin: I note reports on that. The WHO-China joint mission report clearly states that "a laboratory origin of the pandemic was considered to be extremely unlikely". Regrettably, we've seen for quite a while that some in the US are engaging in more and more overt political manipulation. From discrediting China's anti-epidemic achievement to hyping up the China "lab leak" theory, from vilifying the authoritative WHO joint mission report to muffling scientists and experts upholding objectivity, from drawing on intelligence apparatus to investigate to clamoring for a so-called independent investigation that excludes China, these people have but one aim: to shift the blame for their failed epidemic responses to China.

With all their sleight of hand at political manipulation, they cannot alter the fact that it is the US politicians who dismiss science and politicize epidemic response that should be held accountable for the loss of more than 600,000 American lives.

Nor can they alter the authoritative conclusion reached by the WHO joint mission that a global perspective is needed to carry out origin-tracing in multiple countries and regions instead of one area only.

The international community respects science and upholds justice. This trend will not change, either. Attempts to politicize origin-tracing to scapegoat other countries will only end up in failure.

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