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Chinese FM Spokesperson: The Attempt to Form a Clique to Pressure, Blackmail and Even Intimidate China by Virtue of Someone Else Won't Work

2021-03-23 14:02

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 22 March, Spokesperson Hua Chunying answered a question about the China-US high-level strategic dialogue.

Journalist: During the China-US high-level strategic dialogue, the United States mentioned multiple times China's economic and military coercion against US allies. Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Dan Tehan thanked the US for having come out and said that it has got Australia's back and the US won't leave it alone on the playing field. In the meantime, we also see reports saying that regional countries should be prudent about US attempt to form an "anti-China coalition", adding that catering to the US strategic goals while ignoring China's concerns is not a balanced approach. For example, Republic of Korea said that it will not see China as a threat, but will step up practical cooperation with the country. What's your comment?

Hua Chunying: Director Yang Jiechi and State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi made strong responses to the so-called issues of "allies" and "coercion" in their opening remarks at the high-level strategic dialogue. Here, I would like to add a few things:

First, the US and some so-called allies of it cannot represent the international community. The fact is, the overwhelming majority of countries don't take the US as the international community, its values as international values, or its opinion as international opinion. They don't recognize rules made by a small number of countries as international rules.

Second,there are problems and different positions between China and the US and its allies including Australia respectively, and the ins and outs of those problems are crystal clear. The attempt to form a clique to pressure and blackmail China, even intimidate China by virtue of someone else won't work. There are direct flights between Australia and China. Taking a detour via the US is only counterproductive.

Third, the international community know too well who is wielding the sticks of sanctions, pursing long-arm jurisdiction and coercing other countries. China doesn't seek a trade war, illegal detention of foreign citizen or wanton suppression against foreign enterprises. The label of "diplomacy of coercion" is more suitable for the US, not China.

In conclusion, both the two peoples and the overwhelming majority of countries, including people in US ally countries, hope to see peaceful co-existence of China and the US. The two countries can share more common friends. We hope the US can show the confidence and demeanor of a major country, and stop coercing other countries into choosing sides and into interfering in China's internal affairs and undermining China's interests.

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