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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
on the Reported Decline of Chinese Investment in Australia

2020-09-19 13:21

Journalist: According to latest data from the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research of the Australian National University, Chinese investment in Australia has dropped in recent years. In particular, the figure almost halved in 2019 compared to 2018. The steep fall far outpaced a global decline in China's overseas ventures. Some Australian scholars and media believe that tensions between China and Australia and new regulations set by the Australian government are the main reasons. How does China view this phenomenon?

Wang Wenbin: We noted relevant reports. I think these figures say everything about some real problems in China-Australia relations. The essence of China-Australia economic, trade and investment cooperation is mutual benefit and win-win. Over the years, Chinese enterprises' investment in Australia has made great contributions to the local economic and social development, a vote of confidence to Australia's economy and business environment.

Recently, the Australian side has repeatedly blocked Chinese-invested projects on the grounds of "national security", and set unwarranted restrictions on normal exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in various fields. This is bound to seriously affect the confidence of Chinese enterprises in investing in Australia and detrimental to both sides. We hope that Australia will face up to the reality, seriously reflect on the situation, create a fair, open and non-discriminatory investment environment for foreign investors including Chinese enterprises, and create convenient conditions for practical cooperation between China and Australia, rather than put obstacles in their way.

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