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Chinese FM Spokesperson's Remarks on the Recent False Report on China
by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

2020-08-22 09:33

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on August 21, Spokesperson Zhao Lijian answered a question about the recently released false report on China by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Journalist: A new study released by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute says China is targeting top scientific and technological expertise in the US and other advanced nations through its 600 "talent-recruitment stations" worldwide. The network is also used by the Chinese military for recruitment, the report claims. It is worth noting that the ASPI study is reportedly partly funded by the US State Department. Does China have any comment?

Zhao Lijian: We have repeatedly responded to the preposterously false reports on China compiled by this so-called institute. Media revelations have already exposed its source of funding and masters behind the curtains. Some in Australia revealed that it has long been receiving funds from the US government and arms dealers, and has been enthusiastic about cooking up and sensationalizing anti-China topics. As a deeply ideological organization that is essentially an anti-China "vanguard", the ASPI's academic integrity has come under serious question.

The institute has been widely criticized by people with vision in Australia for what it has done and has long been a laughing stock in the world. We hope and believe that Australia and other countries will be sharp-eyed to distinguish right from wrong, reject the absurd fabrications by such anti-China organizations, and look at China and its development in an objective and rational light.

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