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Speech by Consul General Hu Shan at the inauguration ceremony of Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia

2010-01-29 13:40


Resptected Mr Michael Smith, Head of the Complementary Medicines Office, Therapeutic Goods Administration,

Resptected Dr Wendy Morrow, Executive Director of Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia (CHC),

Resptected President Max Ma, Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia(CMIC),

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to attend the inauguration ceremony of Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia(CMIC). I would like to express, on behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney, our warm congratulations on the establishment of CMIC

CMIC is the first professional organization on traditional Chinese medicine. The purpose of the organization is to promote effective communication between Australian Government and the Chinese medicine industry, and promote cooperation with other industries and within itself, so as to let the industry develop in a healthy, orderly and sustainable way. Its establishment will surely strengthen the ties between the Chinese medicine industry in Australian and regulatory bodies of the Australian Government, and further lift the cooperation within the industry and with its fellow colleagues in China. It will open a new chapter for the development of traditional Chinese medicine in Australia.

Chinese medicine and medication is a treasure of the Chinese civilization. It was founded on traditional Chinese philosophy and the wisdom of the Chinese people accumulated through thousands of years of history. It has done a great contribution to the growth of the Chinese nation. Chinese medicine, as a discipline founded on the holistic approach of traditional Chinese philosophy, is quite different from the Western medicine system, which is founded on reductionism, the core of modern scientific methodology. Such difference once created difficulties for westerners to understand and accept traditional Chinese medicine and medication. However, we are glad to see that as science and technological cooperation between China and the rest of the world increases, the Western public’s knowledge and understanding of traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine also increases. More and more western people have started to appreciate and accept the benefit and unique charm of Chinese medical science. And likewise, governments of western countries have also started to realize the importance and value of Chinese medicine to the public heath cause of mankind.

We gladly noted that the Australian government has placed high value on the development of Chinese medicine in Australia, and formally launch registration management of Chinese medicine practitioners from July 1, 2012, which means Chinese medicine has been officially recognized by the Australian Government on legislative level. The Chinese Government appreciates what Australian government has done. The New South Wales Government attaches great importance on cooperation with China in this area. The Ministry of Science has reached agreement with NSW Government to make traditional Chinese medicine and medication one of the priorities in China’s technological cooperation with New South Wales. The two sides are jointly investing in researches related to major theoretical and practical issues of traditional Chinese medicine and medication. These have created favorable conditions for the healthy development of Chinese medicine and medication in Australia.

Traditional Chinese medicine and medication are like the two wings of a bird. They were born together and enhance and support each other, and must function hand in hand. Without the theory and philosophy of Chinese medicine, Chinese medication would never have been invented; and without the support of Chinese medication, Chinese medicine would not be able to function at all. Currently, the traditional Chinese medicine develops very well in Australia, yet Chinese medication still lags behind. If we do not make efforts to boost the development of the latter, it will constrain the balanced development of both of them in Australia. The establishment of CMIC will surely play an important role to promote this industry in Australia. We hope CMIC will indeed become a bridge between the traditional Chinese pharmacy industries and strengthen ties and communication with government bodies to dismiss doubts and reinforce trust, assist in addressing new problems in the development of the industry, timely reflect call and wish of the trade, and also strengthen self-discipline, improve quality of products and service, and unite its members, so as to make contribution to the sustainable development of the medication and pharmacy industry.

The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney supports CMIC to play its role. We also encourage and support its exchange and cooperation with Chinese medicine and medication institutes in China. We will further promote exchange and cooperation between the Chinese government and Australian and NSW Governments, and continue to prioritize intergovernmental cooperation on it. We will work with them to start dedicated studies on new trend and problems in this area in Australia. We will also invite regulatory bodies of Australian Government, CMIC, press and academics to visit China so that you can better understand the merits of Chinese medicine and medication and that they can better serve the people of Australia.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Traditional Chinese medicine and medication does not only belong to China. It also belongs to Australia and the whole world. It has made its contribution for the growth and well-being of Chinese nation, and we have every reason to let it work for the Australian people and the entire humanity. So let’s join hands in this great cause.

Last but not least, I wish CMIC every success in the future!

Thank you!

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