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Consul General Hu Shan Attends the Welcome Banquet Held by Chinese Communities in Western Sydney

2008-12-10 12:15

On December 8th, thirty six Australian Chinese organizations in Western Sydney held a joint welcome banquet for His Excellency Hu Shan, Consul General. Up to 500 guests attended the banquet, including Hon. Nathan Rees MP, Premier of New South Wales and Minister for Arts, Hon. Joseph Tripodi MP, Minister for Finance, Minister for Infrastructure, Minister for Regulatory Reform, and Minister for Ports and Waterways and State Member Nickola Lalich MP. Mr. Frank Zhou, President of Teo Chow Association led Australian Chinese communities and gave welcome speech. 


Consul General Hu Shan speaks

Consul General Hu shan gave a warm speech. He said that, in recent years, relationship between China and Australia had been moving forward steadily. Win-win cooperation in various fields was developing with good momentum. During his tenure, he would try his best to promote the friendship and cooperation. Consul General expected Australian Chinese communities to play their active role in economic prosperity and social development of New South Wales and to earn more trust and respect from local society by hard-work, creation and devotion. 


Premier Rees MP speaks

Premier Rees MP extended a warm welcome to Consul General Hu Shan. He acknowledged China as the No.1 trade partner of New South Wales. He said that at this time of global financial turmoil, this relationship was even more important. He expected the two sides to benefit from each other’s strong points and tide over this difficult time together. Premier Rees MP believed the post assumption of Consul General Hu Shan would inject vigor and vitality into bilateral cooperation in even broader areas.

During speeches by President Frank Zhou, Hon. Joseph Tripodi MP and Mr. Nickola Lalich MP, the three gentlemen all wished Consul General Hu Shan a pleasant term of duty in New South Wales and gave their best wishes to China-NSW relations.

Mr. Frank Zhou speaks

From the Chinese Consulate-General, also attending the banquet were Mdm. Zhao Xuefang (Deputy Consul General) and Consul Ling Guiru (Counselor Level).

The welcome banquet started with lion dance and the guests enjoyed beautiful art performances. 


Consul General Hu Shan (the 7th from the left, 1st row), Deputy Consul General Zhao Xuefang (the 6th from the right, 1st row) and the guests

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