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Consul General Hu Holds Position Assumption Reception

2008-11-21 18:57


On Thursday November 20th, Newly-arrived Chinese Consul General in Sydney Mr. Hu Shan held his position assumption reception, in which he made his first public oration before nearly 400 guests since his arrival in Sydney.

Mr. Hu opened his inaugural-like speech by commending the host nation. "Australia is a charismatic southern country that many dream to come, whose charisma, however, can be best represented by the State of New South Wales. The charming city of Sydney, while serving as the gateway of NSW, has also been regarded as the best name card for Australia."

H.E. Hu Shan, Consul General, speaks

After thanking the Chinese Community and other friends for warmly welcoming his arrival, Mr. Hu was very emotional talking about the selfless care and assistance China had received from Australia and NSW for its disaster relief efforts. "On behalf of the Chinese Government and People, please allow me to extend to you, the Australia and NSW Governments and people, the Chinese community in Sydney in particular, our heartfelt gratitude." He said.

The world financial crisis was too hot to skip over, but Mr. Hu talked differently. "We Chinese' understanding of crisis is literally built in the Chinese word for crisis "Wei Ji". "Wei" means "danger", "Ji" means "opportunity"". He admitted that China had been indirectly affected, but revealed that China would take this as an opportunity to speed up reconstructing the economy and achieve the shift of economic growth mode.

"As a responsible power, China's economy to grow soundly and steadily is itself a great contribution to the world…It's also good news for Australia." Mr. Hu remarked after briefing the audience of China's stimulus package which was widely applauded by the world upon the announcement by Chinese Government last month.

Talking of the freshly-closed Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics, Mr. Hu noted: "The success of Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics once again tells the world: the Chinese nation is capable of contributing more to the human civilization!" Mr. Hu was also happy to see the constructive cooperation between Australia and China in the lead-up to the Beijing Games.

On China-Australia relations, Consul General Hu spoke highly of the development of the bilateral relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties. He stressed: "From the very start, the China-Australia relations have taken to the right course of China-Australia friendship. This is the precious legacy we inherited from past generations, which we shall cherish!"

In conclusion, Consul General Hu promised that he will work hard with his colleagues to promote the pragmatic all-round exchange and cooperation between China and NSW, boost the bilateral civil exchange, lawfully protect the legitimate rights of the Chinese citizen in NSW, so that they can properly contribute to the China-Australia friendship. Mr. Hu also expected he can have the support from all circles in NSW, including media.

Representing Premier Natham Rees at the function was Mr. John Aquilina, leader of the House of NSW Parliament. In his responding speech, he warmly welcomed Mr. Hu to assume the position of Chinese Consul-General in Sydney.

Hon. John Aquilina MP, representing Premier Rees, speaks

"China has become the No.1 trade partner of NSW. The two-way trade volume reached AU$16.4 billion in 2007, accounting for nearly 1/3 of that between Australia and China. NSW is also home to 3/4 of the Chinese visitors and 46% of the Chinese students studying in Australia." Mr. Aquilina said, "NSW highly values our partnership with China, and looking forward to a more prosperous development of exchange and cooperation."

As the recent series of criminal offences against Chinese citizens raised wide worries, Mr. Aqulina, on behalf of Premier Rees, earnestly promised that the NSW government took seriously the concern of Mr. Hu and the Chinese citizens and would take all measures necessary to improve the security and bring back the situation to normal.

Mr. Aquilina also grabbed the chance to praise the contribution made by the Chinese community to the economic and social progress of NSW.

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Mr. Zhang Junsai came all the way from Canberra to attend the reception. He briefly recalled this year's development of China-Australia relations, and said NSW was of great importance in the bilateral relations.

H.E. Zhang Junsai, Ambassador, speaks

He noted: "Although the all-round cooperation between China and NSW has expanded and deepened significantly, there is still sizable room for further development."

Ambassador Zhang described Consul General Hu as an excellent diplomat and his good friend. He believed Mr. Hu would devote himself to pushing the relations between China and NSW for a broader and deeper growth, so as to bring tangible benefits to both peoples.

Other VIP guests present at the function were NSW Chief Justice Hon. James Spigelman AC; Minister for Police, Minister for Emergency Services, Minister for Lands, Hon. Tony Kelly MP; State Director of DFAT NSW State Office, Mrs. Phillippa King; Deputy President of NSW Legislative Council Ms. Amanda Fazio, Deputy Speaker of NSW Legislative Assembly Ms. Tanya Gadiel.

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